In Memoriam

Jack & Jill Late Stage Cancer Foundation

JAJF’s mission is “Treating families to WOW! Experiences®, giving children who will lose their Mom or Dad to cancer a timeout to create indispensable memories as a family… while they can”.

JAJF has become exceptionally—even profoundly important because of the lives we are ALL truly impacting across the United States. When a parent is diagnosed with late-stage cancer, a family’s world is immediately turned upside down. Our supporters appreciate these children who are facing the imminent loss of their Moms and or Dads deserve a timeout from cancer to create cherished, lasting (indispensable) memories as a family… while they can.

Honor a loved one by supporting the JAJF mission. Create a fundraising page and share why giving back to JAJF is important with your family, friends, and network.